I was fortunate enough to pick up my best friend and family member from Canarian Bull. My dog is not only a head turner but one of the smartest animals i have ever seen. He has the most drive to learn and train out of all the dogs i have ever had. He loves learning and has the instincts to protect my family and house already instilled in his blood lines. He is a soldier that listens to commands as well as a playful fun socialized dog i can take to the dog park without problems. There is not one time that i am in public with my best friend that i am not stopped and asked about his pedigree. As well as complimented on his handsome looks and great demeanor. I would not recommend this type of bread to someone not familiar with socialization and consistent structure of a k9. But if you have experience as well as time to train your puppy this breed can and will be an amazing addition to your family. I have another presa canario from a different not as reputable breeder and the animals are not even close in comparison in size or overall quality. While she is a great dog her physical attributes are not even in the same ballpark. Canarian Bull is by far the standout in quality and overall breed standard.

  • UFC Fighter Brandon “Rukus” Thatch

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