1. How much are your puppies?

Puppies are sold for anywhere above $2000, depending on the quality of the puppy or the pick of a future litter.


Picks are sold as follows:

1st pick male or female $5000

2nd pick male or female $4500

!st pick pet quality male or female $3000



Quality is priced as follows:


***** $6000 plus (Showstopper)

****  $5000-$6000 (Show quality dog)

***    $4000-$5000 (Breed quality dog)

**      $2000-$4000 (Nice pet quality dog)

*        $2000 and under (low quality dog)


2) What determines pet quality, breed quality, show quality and show stopper quality?


UKC standards for the Presa Canario, regarding structure and temperament are the main defining point. Very rarely do we have any 1 star pups but a 2 star pup is a pup that either looks breed quality but has a weak temperament or has a strong temperament but doesn’t look breed quality.


Any dog that is within standards with some minor flaws is a breed quality dog is 3 star but only those that really stand out are what we consider a show dog at 4 star. Sometimes a dog is so nice that they are stunning and that makes it a showstopper at 5 star but is rarely sold.


3) What if I don’t want a dog to breed but I want a top quality dog?

The breed quality standard doesn’t mean the dog has to be bred, it just means the dog could be bred according to UKC standards and you get paperwork for the dog in case you decide to breed it. Most of our customers want the highest quality in their dogs and that’s why we created the rating system so we could better explain the quality.


4) What is the contract about for purchasing a puppy?


We offer a health guarantee for the dogs we sell that we contractually guarantee and it also releases us from liability for the dog’s behavior once you take it because the dog’s training is the responsibility of the owner.


5) What is the health guarantee?


We take breeding serious so we only breed dogs within FCI standards who also have excellent hip scores to counteract the hip dysplacia problem with larger dogs. Genetics are only 40% of the cause of hip problem as overfeeding and improper exercise are the main cause. However, even with the precautions we take, breeding a dog with hip dysplacia can happen.


For pet quality dogs, we replace any dog with a debilitating genetic issue that keeps it from living the life of a normal dog. For breed quality and up, we replace any dog that ends up not being able to breed due to a genetic issue.


6) Can you ship dogs?


We’ve sent dogs all over the world so this isn’t an issue but is an expense paid by the buyer.


7) How can I send money for a dog?


Either PayPal, money transfer, send in the mail or in person.