Presa Canario Breeder/Owner Responsibilities

We live in an age of irrational thinking; where people swear unicorns exist, all things are good and everyone deserves a trophy. Where the irrational attempt to bully others because the fear of being wrong is terrifying. To them, unicorns spray us all with magic rainbow dust that makes wolves cuddle with rabbits.

The truly scary part is that I’m not exaggerating much about how irrational most people are now a days and that level of ignorance is dangerous. The natural world exists and is where we all reside. It’s time for us breeders to step up and quick catering to the fur mommas before the Presa Canario gets some horrible publicity.

It’s a breeder’ responsibility to make sure a customer isn’t getting more dog than they can handle, so a kid doesn’t basically get a loaded gun. At the same time, I’m also a firm believer that anyone can own a Presa, as long as they understand what they’re getting and are educated by the breeder on how to handle that dog. A Presa Canario is a loving guardian but a guardian nonetheless. If some fur momma isn’t able to respect the breed then that person doesn’t deserve one.

One doesn’t need to be a large person or an expert trainer to own a Presa and not every Presa has the hardest temperament. When I have a litter, I definitely do not sell my hardest pups to an amateur, but I will sell them a pup that isn’t the most dominant as long as they listen to my directions and agree to get the pup trained.

One thing I always emphasize to first time owners is that this isn’t your typical pet. Unless you’re a great trainer, you should never allow your Presa to go to the dog park once over one year of age, strange kids to pet it, or anyone around it who doesn’t know how to deal with a dog like that. If they love their dog, they’ll listen because the consequences of failing to can get that dog put down. No matter how well trained the dog is, the dog is still a Presa and most people don’t train their small dogs or kids to act right. Even if a small dog bites first or a kid pokes it in the eye and pulls it’s tail, your dog will get put down for retaliating. It’s your responsibility as an owner to keep your dog away from situations that increase the risk of being put down.

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