Why I Created the American Presa Canario Association

I was asked to join the Board of Directors of the DCCA last year by President Jason Baum but only agreed if the DCCA would mandate health testing and ethical business in addition to educating the masses on the breed and offering sponsor benefits. He agreed and I began to push my ethics agenda on the club.

The DCCA claims to be for the betterment of the breed, but in my eyes, bettering the breed can only be accomplished through educating consumers/breeders, health testing breeding stock, only breeding those who score above average on those health tests and refusing to do business with those who aren’t bettering the breed. Without walking the walk, one cannot claim to be bettering the breed. It’s that simple.

As a DCCA club insider, I saw a club completely based on the Good ’ol Boy system and leadership not even following club rules. A club that would never mandate health testing and where bad examples are set by the top, which trickle down to puppy customers and new breeders.

I gave all the fight I could into changing that club for the better but there was a point when I realized that I was fighting a battle I couldn’t win because I was only brought into the cool kids table to shut me up. Nothing was ever meant to change, they just wanted to change me. Little did they know that I’m incorruptible, that I’ve been physically tortured for standing up for what I believe in and I truly love this breed.

The final straw came when one of the biggest scum bags in the industry, who has ripped off a lot of DCCA club members, was invited to the American Monografica by a Board Member. Why have a club without loyalty to club members? And how can we claim to better the breed by doing business with unethical breeders? It was time to start another club.

The American Presa Canario Association is a nonprofit organization established on ethics in all aspects; breeding, business and competition. Approved kennels sign a contract with the club to follow the breeding and business mandates established in the regulations. In return, they can help the rest of us properly introduce this magnificent breed to Americans and benefit from what this website has to offer. Our goal is to provide a platform based on objective criteria, to educate consumers and new breeders properly, so that those who aren’t conducting ethical breeding/business are put out of business. That’s the beauty of Capitalism, the consumers have all the power to force businesses to either act right or shut down. And it’s our duty to lead by example.

This is a club void of politics but a club based on comradery stemming from our passion for the breed. It doesn’t matter who likes who or what position someone holds, the rules are in place to avoid any favoritism. So, here’s my gift to the breed I love, a platform that has the potential to end unethical breeding practices and truly better the breed. The website is in its beginning stage but with the hard work of those who love the breed as much as I do, we can team up to have all information possible for any one who wants

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