Our Vision

Dog breeding, to us, is artistic expression, where each litter is meant to be a masterpiece. That requires lots of studying and not sparing any expense when it relates to quality. Not that breeding for profit is unethical in itself, we’ve just never been profitable and don’t rely on the income. This is a passion for us to produce the best Presa Canarios we can, in what we feel is the proper understanding of the breed standard.

The FCI breed standard describes the Presa Canario ( or Dogo Canario) as a “moderately large size mollosoid” but “agile and powerful…” and the DCCA (Dogo Canario Club of America), where I’m a board member and marketing coordinator, states on the club website that “the head is the most important feature of the breed”

With that in mind, we choose to produce a Presa Canario that is on the larger side of the breed standard but also very agile, with a big head and big bones. The working styles are smaller and more agile but we prefer a linebacker to a lineman or wide receiver. In America, size matters, but our dogs have the size without being fat and sloppy. This is our physical preference but in keeping our dogs lean, they have better health and have less of a chance to develop Hip Dysplasia, a sometimes debilitating ailment that plagues any large breed without the proper care.¬†We also keep our dogs on the top part of the height standard since we don’t like the bulldog looking presa canarios, as athleticism greatly diminishes with that style.

As the head is the most unique trait of the breed, we take special care in not introducing any lines that could potentially affect our art and our breeding stock have massive Presa Canario heads that we take pride in.

No matter how great our quality becomes, we always want to improve it, as we took an oath to better the breed. So we’ll always strive for perfection in the look, health, athleticism and temperament; while starting to get into the working aspects of the breed so we can best represent this magnificent animal as we take part in its introduction to America.



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