Why I Breed Presa Canarios

Many think that a dog breeder makes a lot of money and subsequently lives a glamourous life off of the hard work of their dogs but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I’ve never made a profit off of my dogs, not that profit is a bad thing.

Truth is, I’m constantly spending money to increase the quality of life for my dogs and the overall quality of my breeding program. No need to go into all the details but I couldn’t even pay the bills if all I did was breed dogs unless I ran a puppy mill, which is out of the question.

I’ve lived a hard life that most couldn’t even imagine and have a serious case of PTSD because of it. When the kennel was owned by my brother, it was the dogs that helped me get my life together and be able to face such a serious case of PTSD. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that my dogs saved my life.

I’ve never had anything to care for on a deeper level in my entire life and I’m not exactly someone who has a history of empathy. No kids and not a day where the universe has given me a break from adversity but no matter what I was dealing with, my dogs would be there waiting for me like I was all that mattered. They became my kids, they’re not just some breeding stock.

In a society plagued with immorality, my dogs would go to battle with me if I ever needed them to. Presa Canarios are known for their loyalty to their family and are dogs that can protect to a higher level than most others. If an intruder broke into my house, my dogs would take care of that problem immediately. More importantly, my dogs would never betray me.

They also have a unique personality that every Presa owner says is the reason that once they owned a Presa, they could never own another breed. They’re funny but stubborn and probably too smart for their own good. Their high drive almost disappears when they’re in the house and all they want to do is cuddle, which can even melt a hardened person like myself.

In taking over the kennel, it was dropped on me by an investor who didn’t do his part. In turn, I had to support a property and many dogs without the income I was promised so I had to find a way to make it happen, as there’s no excuse for failure when animals’ lives are at stake. My dogs eat before me, that’s just how it is.

Now that I’m past that part of my journey, my focus is on turning this 20 acre property into a large play area for the dogs with an agility course and large enclosed areas for them to run around all day.

After my dark path, I feel my dogs have saved my life and now I do all I can to better the breed through action. That means breeding only dogs that are healthy and have excellent hips, educating potential customers, selectively selling puppies to the right homes and standing up to the cool kids in the industry who have many unethical tendencies.

Breeding Presa Canarios is artistic to me, where every litter is a masterpiece that I create to show off the beauty of such a magnificent creature. I want my dogs to stop traffic wherever any of their owners choose to walk them because of how impressive they look. Breeding is also my way to give back by sending protection and the missing link family member into households. I know how much I love my dogs and it makes me happy to create that level of happiness for others.

Our Health Guarantee

Over the last decade, Canarian Bull Kennel members have lost over $40,000 to unethical breeders selling us dogs that couldn’t be bred without sending a replacement. All they really care about is puppy sales and there’s no real way to keep them honest. Kennels and clubs continue to do business with unethical breeders so the low quality puppy mill machine keeps turning. This became so discouraging that the original members quit and we’re now onto to the next generation, led by me.

Now, the good news. While learning the hard way, I began to see some problems with the current model of business in the breeder world. Kennels aren’t taking the time to continue their education so they conduct themselves in an extremely outdated manner and there’s nothing to really push them to learn, because the cool kids aren’t confronted often and don’t have much competition. This makes it almost impossible to educate puppy customers and other kennels on how to lower the  probability of environmental issues that harm the breed, which sometimes get confused as genetic issues.

I’m constantly studying and talking to experts in order to provide a healthier puppy, which betters the breed through action. I’m far from an expert myself but I’m humble enough to listen to those who truly know what they’re talking about. This enables me to be able to pass this information on to the puppy customer, so they don’t ruin the health of their puppy. Good intentions mean nothing without good results when it come to an animal’s life.

In addition to the education, we offer two levels of health guarantees since every litter produces both breed and pet quality puppies. With pet quality puppies, meaning that they don’t live up to the breed standard and shouldn’t be bred, we will replace a dog within the first two years of life if it has a genetic issue that doesn’t allow it to live the life of a normal dog.

With breed quality dogs, meaning they fit the standard for breeding purposes and can be bred if the owner chooses to, we offer a higher level of protection to back our higher price. Should someone buy a breed quality dog and that dog cannot be bred or reproduce, for some genetic reason, we will let the owner keep the dog and send them another breed quality dog at no cost besides shipping.

Our customers are passionate about the quality of our breeding program and we want to show our appreciation by doing all we can to protect their purchase. Plus, we prefer to lead rather than follow and the industry needs a wake up call. Help us set a new standard for the breeding industry so the health of the breed increases and unethical kennels are forced to shut down or follow our lead.

Our Vision

Dog breeding, to us, is artistic expression, where each litter is meant to be a masterpiece. That requires lots of studying and not sparing any expense when it relates to quality. Not that breeding for profit is unethical in itself, we’ve just never been profitable and don’t rely on the income. This is a passion for us to produce the best Presa Canarios we can, in what we feel is the proper understanding of the breed standard.

The FCI breed standard describes the Presa Canario ( or Dogo Canario) as a “moderately large size mollosoid” but “agile and powerful…” and the DCCA (Dogo Canario Club of America), where I’m a board member and marketing coordinator, states on the club website that “the head is the most important feature of the breed”

With that in mind, we choose to produce a Presa Canario that is on the larger side of the breed standard but also very agile, with a big head and big bones. The working styles are smaller and more agile but we prefer a linebacker to a lineman or wide receiver. In America, size matters, but our dogs have the size without being fat and sloppy. This is our physical preference but in keeping our dogs lean, they have better health and have less of a chance to develop Hip Dysplasia, a sometimes debilitating ailment that plagues any large breed without the proper care. We also keep our dogs on the top part of the height standard since we don’t like the bulldog looking presa canarios, as athleticism greatly diminishes with that style.

As the head is the most unique trait of the breed, we take special care in not introducing any lines that could potentially affect our art and our breeding stock have massive Presa Canario heads that we take pride in.

No matter how great our quality becomes, we always want to improve it, as we took an oath to better the breed. So we’ll always strive for perfection in the look, health, athleticism and temperament; while starting to get into the working aspects of the breed so we can best represent this magnificent animal as we take part in its introduction to America.