Macha’s First Litter

Macha de Canarian Bull, my personal house dog, was just bred for the first time to Premier Presa’s Taucho.

Macha is 24 inches tall at the withers and 106 lbs, although her muscle tone makes her look about 115 lbs. Her dad is Bravo kennel’s Dyno, arguably the best stud in the history of the breed in the US. He’s 26 3/4 inches tall and 155 lbs, the son of Rudi de Antlantida Can and the foundation to our kennel. Her mom, Andrea Diablo de Lucia was double bred with World/Spanish Champion Andi de Cieolo de Canarias who throws that muscle tone you see in Macha.


The 20 month old Taucho comes stacked with lines we really are trying to add into our Antlantida Can foundation, Spanish Champion Serach de Garehagua through Taucho’s sire, Guajiro, and dam’s grandsire, World/Spanish Champion Panzer. Taucho is 26 inches tall and 150 lbs without being full grown and is a perfect compliment to Macha.


I’m keeping first pick male for the breeding program and both 1st and 2nd pick females have been sold for almost a year because breeding Macha has been one of those highly anticipated breedings we’ve been working on. Can’t wait to see how this litter turns out and I will keep everyone updated on it.


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How We did at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Regional

Canarian Bull Kennel hosts the annual DCCA Rocky Mountain Regional which consists of two shows: Specialty and Championship. Each show has a different judge so as to provide different opinions on each dog and allow the few top dogs to earn those hard earned champion points. I say hard earned since there’s only been one club champion and that’s Envy, Beirra’s grandmother.

The environment was relaxed but the 90 degree heat and blazing sun took a toll on us all. About 20 dogs entered, with almost half of that in the puppy class but competition was intense as some of the top Presas in the country came to show what they had.

The judge for the Regional Specialty show was DCCA President Jason Baum from Las Islas de Doramas Kennel in Houston Texas. We did very well in this show as Diesel de Canarian Bull won Best in Show and his puppies followed suit. Thor rated very good ( the highest rating for a puppy), as did his littermates Airmid and Brighid. Airmid won first place in her class with Brighid in 2nd.

Windy City Beirra, whose mother we sent to Windy City Presas, received her first championship point, taking female CAC (best female non-champion) at one year old over steep competition from adult females. Juno de Canarian Bull (off Dyno) won best female puppy against puppies almost twice her age.

Our import adult female Marbella Guerrero de las Montanas received RCAC and her pup Maeve was 2nd in her class.

The Regional Championship was judged by DCCA Treasurer Matt Spanton of Hill Country Kennels in Austin, TX.

Our puppies did even better in this show as Thor won Best Male Puppy and his littermates, Airmid and Brighid were 1st and 2nd in their classes respectively. Juno won Best Puppy in this show, being our star puppy in both shows and increasing our already high hopes for her future.

Macha and Beirra each came in 2nd in their classes and Diesel was the male RCAC. Rosemerta beat her littermate Maeve out this time to take 2nd place in their class, behind Juno and above Cailleach.

Next up is the Southwest Regionals in Texas and we not only hope to make it but win it all.



Windy City Beirra in 1st place


Airmid and Brighid in 1st and 2nd place


Juno taking best female


Diesel with Best in Show


Brighid being judged


Juno 1st, Rosemerta 2nd and Caellieach 3rd


Juno as Best Puppy and Thor as Best male puppy